How to choose a good English-German translator

In today's world of translation services, the customer can choose from a wide variety of providers. The range goes from small one-person companies to big translation agencies which employ hundreds of people. Often though, the customer wishes to directly contact a translator, without spending times filling out requests or going through a call-center. It is thus to no surprise that the patron will often prefer a small company to carry out his or her translation projects rather than giving it to an anonymous agency.

Small firms are able to respond quickly to the customer's needs and the customer will appreciate it if s/he can get directly in touch with the translator. E-mails are usually replied to quickly and adjustments to current projects can be made much faster than it is the case when hiring a big agency.

The translators at Lexlingo are all coming from a legal background, i.e. holding a legal qualification. Some of them have been working as freelance translators for a long time, others have been in the legal profession and discovered that the fast-paced world of the legal profession is not for them. In any case, they are able to assist you with your translation project by fully applying their legal knowledge and thereby aiming to make sure that nothing will be left out.

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